Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Person Centered Therapy

Talking to someone I'm pretty fond of,  she made me aware of a form of therapy that is based on an emphatic relationship with "the client".
The key points here are: emotional involvement and regarding the "suffering person" or "the client" as someone whose progress is nothing but a personal achievement.
The client is someone who experiences a dysfunctional way of living, of thinking, in opposition to the pathological approach where the client is labeled as "sick".
This approach is called "Person Centered Therapy" or "Humanistic Psychology", and is based on empathy, unconditional and positive acceptance and the establishment of an authentic relationship with the client. To me, the most appealing part of this kind of psychology  is the empowerment of the client as someone who is responsible and capable, who's made aware of the incongruence between his awareness and his experience of life.
In my personal point of view, this is the kind of therapy everyone who needs some sort of psychological counselling ought to receive, no wonder why it's one of the most popular forms of treatment and one of the most effective.


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